About Me

Hi! I’m Sophie!

👩‍💻I’m a career coach for corporate women who feel stuck, unfulfilled, or lost in their jobs. I help them find career path clarity and build the confidence they need to achieve their career goals!

😅I know the struggle- I’ve pivoted and shifted careers multiple times since I graduated pre-med in 2013. When I graduated, I made the decision not to pursue medical school, and instead try start-up life at a clean-energy company. There I worked my way up from customer service to Director of Operations within two years. I realized I had a passion for business!

📈I ended up following the start-up company across the country from Florida to Massachusetts where I interviewed and trained new employees, improved processes, and helped with business strategy.

🏝Missing the warm weather, I eventually moved back to Miami, FL where I convinced a small-business consulting company not actively hiring that I could help them grow with my prior experience. I was hired as an Operations and Project Manager and there I learned everything from web-design to sales to bookkeeping. This sparked my decision to go back to school for a Masters of Accounting degree.

💸And here I am today! I earned my CPA license, and am now a senior associate at a large public accounting firm. My role consists of managing teams, projects, and clients, but my favorite part of the job is the ability to shape careers and inspire others through my role in local and national councils, recruiting, and teaching.

❤️Although I have achieved a great reputation at work, I consider my biggest personal success to be this blog, sophieexplains.com, where I have been able to express my enthusiasm for empowering women in a tangible and real way since 2017. My goal is to grow a community of women that support and encourage each other to follow their career dreams!

🥳Inspired by my own career journey, starting today, I’m pivoting Sophie Explains! My Instagram account and my blog will focus specifically on helping corporate women find clarity in their career paths and build confidence needed to make necessary career pivots that lead to fulfillment and happiness. Thank you for joining me! 😄


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