Sophie Explains: Career Clarity Program

Hi – I’m Sophie and I’m here to kickstart your career change!

I believe it’s NEVER too late to pivot.

I’ve changed careers drastically, from client services at an environmental start-up to auditor at an international accounting firm, and each time I wish I had someone impartial, knowledgeable, and approachable to talk with about my concerns, fears, and ultimate decision.

With each of my career changes and endless research over the last 10 years, I’ve honed in on what is really essential to kick-start a career pivot. Now, I want to share these resources with you! Why?

I am passionate about empowering corporate women to achieve their career and lifestyle goals!

If you are a high-performing, corporate woman and you:

  1. Feel stuck or unfulfilled at work and aren’t sure of your next move.
  2. Have listened to podcasts and read career books but are still confused with what to do first and want personalized help.
  3. Know your gut is giving you a clear message to make a change, but are scared to take action due to fear of judgment or failure.

It may be time to work with someone:

  1. Who can help evaluate if changing careers is worth it.
  2. Who has the tools to create a personalized career-change action plan for you.
  3. Who is there to build your confidence towards making a smart career change.

So what is the Career Clarity Coaching Program?

During the 3-week program we will:

  1. Build your confidence to overcome any fears holding you back.
  2. Identify your strengths and transferable skills.
  3. Create a personalized action plan for an educated career change!

The program is a kick-start to your career pivot.

The One-on-One Career Clarity Coaching Program will leave you feeling confident in your skillset and ready to take on the next steps of your career change.

The Career Clarity Program is perfect for you if:

  1. You are ready to reflect deeply on your career-lifestyle goals.
  2. You are willing to invest in your career happiness.
  3. Are not desperate to leave your job but know there is something better out there!

So what’s the investment?

The investment is currently $150 a session, so for a 3-week program that is $450 total.

Here are reasons why it’s important to invest in yourself and your future happiness:

  1. You will see rapid growth towards your goals when you invest in specialized help.
  2. When you invest time and money, you are more likely to fully commit to achieving your goals.
  3. Investing in yourself is telling yourself that you believe you can make a change!


If you need further encouragement, please read what my wonderful client Jessica wrote!

“To anyone considering working with Sophie – do it! She is extremely helpful, inquisitive, passionate, and a great listener! She guided me to a more clear-cut path to finding a new role and provided me with countless resources and support. On top of that, she is really great to talk to and work with in general! Sophie gave me the confidence to continue in the right direction on my career journey, and I am so grateful for her help!”

“After I told my manager in January that I wanted to look around (which was the scariest part I swear and you gave me the confidence to actually do it), I got the green light to start networking with other groups. Eventually I got in touch with this group and really hit it off with the manager and they had an opening!!”

Common Questions

  • 3 weeks is not a long enough time to find a new job! What’s the end goal of the program?
    • I want you to leave feeling confident in your skillset, career goals, and with a personalized action plan for making a career change. You will commit to putting in the work AFTER the program to follow through on the action plan we create together, but the program is all about giving you clarity over what to do first – the hardest part of making a change.
  • There are so many free career resources out there, why should I work with you?
    • You can definitely cobble together some great YouTube videos and career books to make a change. That’s what I did each time I needed help during my career changes. But what I REALLY wish I had was someone impartial to talk one-on-one with and get personalized advice. I bring my knowledge from years of research and my curated guidance. I’m here to be your career cheerleader!
  • What’s your background?
    • My experience can show how you can really pivot to anything if you set your mind to it! I graduated from the University of Miami pre-med in 2013 and quickly decided I wasn’t ready to dedicate years of my life to more school. I worked my way up at an environmental start-up from customer service to Director of Operations. The start-up moved from Miami to Massachusetts, and I missed the warm weather (and my then boyfriend, now husband!). I moved back to Miami to work at a small-business consulting firm and learned everything from web design to bookkeeping. I realized I loved bookkeeping, went back to school for a Masters in Accounting, was hired at an international accounting firm where I earned my CPA, and worked as an auditor for a number of years. Recently, I was feeling the burnout of commuting and busy-season, so switched teams at the same firm to a work-from-home, operational position. Now I work from home with my lovely rescue dog, Kima, and live my life to the fullest outside of work! I play in a local orchestra (Alhambra Orchestra for those who live in Miami), am part of the Miami arts and literary community, and love to SCUBA and snorkel in my free time. Here are some pictures of me and my life to inspire you to make a career change so that your life can be how YOU imagine it outside of work!

What Next?

If you’re interested, I would love to set up a free 15-minute discovery call to answer any questions and make sure we’re a good fit to work together for three weeks! Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

I’d also love to connect with you on Tiktok and Instagram (@ sophieexplains)!

And finally, please check out my free resources:

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